February 23, 2024

10 Poker superstitions from all around the world

Poker world

Find out some of the most popular and not so famous superstitions about poker ace99 and poker game. Read the material with some crazy rituals and beliefs about strange things that can make you less or more lucky during a poker session.

Poker is usually determined as the most popular real money gambling game. But apart from being extra sober in the poker reality, especially when your turn to make a decision comes, it’s also covered with lots of superstitions coming from almost any district of the world. Please, feel free to meet the ten top interesting and famous superstitions about poker from the whole planet.

Four-leaf clover in your pocket round your whole casino experience

Although the four-leaf clover is not such a weird thing when it comes to superstitions and luck, in poker it has its own meaning. It was long time ago when a couple – married due to a love from the first sight at a poker table – decided that if poker has brought them together, then they must definitely increase their luck at a poker table. They decided to spend any free moment in a casino with a four-leaf clover in the pocket until they win. According to the story they won within a month.

The rabbit’s foot

Many American poker players have it during a visit in a casino or while playing the game at home from a traditional European casino or an exotic website from Asia such as poker ace99. The trend has been alive since a couple of decades by the way.

7 – The luckiest number ever

According to some poker players this number has a history in the field of luck, mysteries and legends about superstitions. Many of them even claim to always win thanks to a 7 (or a couple of them) when clicking on the button all in.

Do you cross your fingers under the table?

As a matter of fact it’s not a good idea to do so when playing poker in a physical casino. Hence, according to a study every third online player does it at home. We are not sure how efficient the ritual is, but the fact that people still do it means a lot, right?

The culinary superstitions

We have heard that in Asia gamblers deny eating sushi due to a superstition. They related the raw fish with the gambling activity as something Gods did not like. On the other side, the richest VIP poker players have their own chefs in casinos with special orders that contain concrete food products believed to bring luck at the poker table. Which are these products? Nobody knows, it’s a VIP ritual kept in a secret.

To be continued…Because there are a couple of other poker superstitions you will definitely want to hear about.