February 5, 2023

Here’s what dad thought me about the successful poker game

successful poker game

I wrote this material to tell you some lessons from my dad about idnpoker. Here’s what an old poker player can tell you today, so you can use tomorrow and make a huge win.

My dad used to be a great poker player. I never knew that until I made a registration in idnpoker website and by accident he saw me trying to make a win during my first poker attempts. It was tough for him to understand how come I never made it to the end of the tournament or to win a cash game especially by having in mind that this is a great poker provider with so many extras, bonuses and high-quality products.

So one day he just came to me with the desire to tell his story – the story of a great poker player from the old times, when, though, the best practices were actually the same as we know today. And here’s what he thought me.

The most important thing in a tournament is the blind size

According to my dad, there’s nothing so different or special in poker tournaments. They are like cash games. Of course, tournaments are indeed faster and more dynamic, but basically what’s happening at their tables is the same as it happens at the cash game poker table. The only thing, though, that is different is the big significance of the blind size. In general, my dad told me that this size is what I am supposed to think about when building my successful poker tournament strategy.

You should never offer good money for a bad hand

Although we all know how important the position and the situation are in poker, the hand also matters. You should, indeed, consider your action depending on the circumstances rather than on the hand, but if the hand is really bad, no good money worth it to be put at risk. When you have a totally bad hand, my dad says, it’s a must to fold. It’s not ok to check and it’s truly bad to raise.

Accept your experience no matter how low it is

And stick to it. And build your tactic to this experience level. There’s something very smart my dad once told me: In poker you should always eliminate the worst players at first. If you are not capable to notice them during the first 2-3 hands, it’s very likely for you to be this sucker at the table. In this situation, giving up is not the thing you should do. On the contrary, it’s a plus that you know where you are. And you should build up your strategy according to this knowledge.

After the first times I applied these poker rules in my game I started making the first progress. I was continuing asking my dad for free tips. But believe me, these principles he told me changed my total perspective about the game, respectively my approach to the win.