February 5, 2023

When a poker pro shares his own stupid mistakes at the table

poker pro shares his own stupid mistakes

If you play poker games in situs judi online do not do these common mistakes even for a poker pro. See what a professional poker player can tell you about the worst practices in the game.

We know how you imagine the face, the temper and mostly – the performance – typical for a real poker pro. Probably, he’s smart and he always acts the right way. He does not allow making mistakes and he usually follows the right strategy. But the truth is that behind every successful professional poker player’s background history there’s a black hole or even worst – an awful moment – when he was a total failure.

It’s a must to realize for everyone who plays in situs judi online, that in the beginning we are all players with high motivation and high rate of mistakes. And the poker pros don’t make an exception from this rule. To prove you that we have decided to speak to one very famous online poker player, who was kind enough to give us lesson – never be too confident about how good you are.

This poker player shared with us some of the most stupid mistakes he did whether in his early years on the online market or in his average gambling years. And here’s what he has to tell you:

  1. When you get too emotional about the game and about the final result of your game you are usually not satisfied enough in the end. The emotions are probably the worst enemies for every poker player. You can have self-control in real life, but why are you so readable at the poker table then?
  2. Being too confident about your stats is also not a good idea. This poker pro’s reliability on his own stats during the first days of his appearance at the global online poker environment cost him thousands of euros. When he found out that there’s no good in relying too much on your poker stats in every cash game or a tournament, he succeeded in recovering 40% of his loss within two years only. Well, that’s an action of a pro, isn’t it?
  3. Having a plan in a poker game is ok, but it’s a very bad idea when you stick to it without adjusting to the current situation. The plan – or the strategy, the tactic and you name it – should be only the base on which a casino player steps on. The truth is always in the details. And the details in this case are in the circumstances of the concrete gameplay. Well, they change dynamically and fast.
  4. Our poker pro friend shared with us his worst shame in his career – during the first year of playing poker online he had no budget management system. As a result of this, today he cannot even say how much he had lost for this time when he was fool enough to make all of the mistakes from above! So, please, guys, establish at least some general bankroll poker system to follow!