December 1, 2023

The most common football betting myths

football betting myths

Please, check out some of the worst myths you can see and hear regarding online football betting. In this list of myths about betting on football events you might find a statement you used to believe in, too.

Betting on football events is definitely extremely popular these days. At one hand, it’s mainly the most popular sport type to choose when it comes to betting. And at the other hand, online football betting has made this activity as a whole more accessible and convenient than ever before.

But sometimes, the more we thing we know a thing the less we actually understand it. And this situation is quite common for football betting.

Don’t believe us? Then, check out the following football betting myths and you will get confident about what we are talking about fast:

  1. Football is the easiest sports type to win in gambling. It might be the most well-known, but it’s not the easiest at all. On the contrary, many punters even claim that sometimes, they open the swimming or other less popular sport type to relax and have some rest from the tough football betting.
  2. It is better to place land-based bets on football. As a matter of fact, regarding your final result, it’s the same. However, today, the factor comfort is always put on a pedestal when it comes to a consumer’s choice for absolutely anything. And there is no doubt that it’s more convenient to place an online bet rather than to do so in the nearest physical bookmaker’s shop.
  3. Football betting tips in the web are the best weapons against the bookie. There’s nothing like that. Actually, about 80% of today’s football tipsters are total scams or at least, they know nothing about successful sport betting. When the communication in the internet is so liberal and free, it has become easier to become anything – with no expertise – in the internet, including a successful tipster.
  4. Bookmakers always win. If this was so, why the number of sport punters has been increasing progressively all the time? Moreover, we know real stories about real people how they really changed their life after big wins and amazing bets they have placed and became rich afterwards. No, bookmakers don’t win. They have many other ways to win from you.
  5. Statistics is never wrong. Let’s make it clear, guys – stats are not predictions. They are facts on which you can step on to form your prediction. The stats are certainties, but no certainty is 100% guaranteed in life. Neither it is in sport betting. So just because a team has always won over another one it does not mean it will happen today again. It only means this first team is the favorite and it comes with a lower odd.

Don’t believe in these online football betting misconceptions. As you can see, they have nothing to do with the truth.