December 1, 2023

And the most popular football bet types in 2020 are…

popular football bet

Here are the most famous agen sbobet terpercaya bet types you can find in the web these days. Discover what punters from all over the world prefer in football betting now.

What’s your favorite type you daily place in your agen sbobet terpercaya? Do you have favorites at all? Are you a punter, who follows the crowd or you prefer to gamble on more exotic market types? No matter what kind of a gambler you are, we believe it’s a must for you to know the most popular football bet types currently these days, in the 2020th year…Here there are:

  1. Final result – 1×2 market. Did you really think that a new bet type on football will be on the edge of the chart this year? No such things. Actually, the specialists on betting believe that the 1×2 market has been always that famous mostly because a lot of punters consider it as the easiest one. Some gamblers believe that you don’t have to be very informed about football in order to hit successful final result bets. Well, apart from the fact that this is definitely not true, this football bet type is still on the top!
  2. Under/Over. If we have to be more precise, we mean the football market Under/Over 2.5. As a matter of fact if adding the next most popular Under/Over bet type – Under/Over 3.5 – it’s quite below in the chart. However, the market Under/Over 2.5 is preferred because it allows the users to implement a lot of strategies, which is not ok in higher Under/Over markets.
  3. Both teams to score. This is the most popular exotic bet type in football. During the previous 2019th year all betting houses have tried to implement it in their programs as they saw a tendency for it to be used by both – novices and the most experienced punters. After the beginning of the 2020th year the football betting fans have been continuing appreciating this bet type a lot.
  4. The old, but gold Asian Handicap. With the rise of Asian agen sbobet terpercaya the Asian Handicap did not experience any existential changes. Because, this football market has been always extremely loved and played. Even during the times when there were so few Asian football platforms in the internet, the Asian Handicap has been one of the most used markets in Europe, especially in the UK.
  5. First Goal Scorer. The idea to look close at a certain team’s performance has moved the good punter’s look to the players. The players are now not just accents in football betting, but key elements in making predictions and establishing proper gambling strategies. These days, betting lovers seem to be more familiar with the individual performances of the football players, which is why the First Goal Scorer is put on a pedestal in so many websites.

So, did you find your most preferred football betting type in this list? If no, on mandatory, share with us what you love in gambling!