Cobb County woman wins $700K from a $10 Georgia Lottery Scratch off Ticket


Every state has their list of lottery winners that come and go. Early april, A Cobb County woman spent $10 and won $700,000 playing the Georgia Lottery’s ‘Color Me Rich’ instant game.

Donna Williams, a resident of Marietta was named a winner Wednesday at One Stop convenience store on Concord Road in Smyrna.

She and her husband, Pete, stopped at the gas station after dinner on April 8 and bought four Georgia Lottery instant tickets, Georgia Lottery spokeswoman Kimberly Starks said.

Williams later found out one of those tickets was a big winner, and claimed her prize April 11. When asked for her comments, Williams exclaimed, “I was in total disbelief”.

Williams, one of three winners to claim the game’s top prize, said she intends to purchase a service dog for herself with the winnings.

There are four available $700,000 prizes, Starks said.

That means one person still has a chance to win. The odds of winning that $700,000? One in 1.2 million.

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Though many speculate on the chances of winning and the fairness of the lottery, millions of Georgians continue to play in hopes of the big prizes advertised. Some play small and some bet big in hopes of winning a bigger prize.

There’s no doubt that the lottery games are a big incentive for the state and lottery companies to make big bucks from those in hopes of winning big. Lucrative for the makers and fun for the buyers, it’s sometimes a win-win bargain

for both sides.

As with any other business model, the lottery is based on a dealer’s hand always wins model. Where only a small portion of the winnings are actually won and they chunk of the losing capital gets raked in by the big corporate giants controlling the game. Kind of like feeding crumbs to a flock of pigeons.

Over the years some have managed to hack or find clever ways to win, and the lottery companies have responded in kind, creating a department that monitors and hacks its way into current tickets so they’re always on top of the home-made mechanisms to win the game…unfairly.


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