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For thousands of years, lottery games have been a lucrative and profitable enterprise for both winners and the house. However, the vast majority of players are losers. Shortly put, the house always wins.

Non-The-Less, it’s truly the entertaining nature of the games that make it so addicting for players. The chance at luck or a fortune mixed with anticipation at the next results of the game keeps many playing all their lives. For at some point, someone is bound to win the bounty.

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Some players, however, are not so easily enticed. They continually look at patterns and ways to beat the game and come out on top. These are the watchers and tinkerers who create different creative ways to bring an extra edge to the table. From watching lottery histories to making up algorithms of play, these players are not in it for fun, but for serious profits.

Players have continually cracked lottery games over the years, and continue to do so. However this is only a small minority of players. And though the profits wouldn’t be an issue even with these

small minority of players, the lottery companies continue to make sure that number of minority remains a minority.

Lottery companies in modern day economy is continually on the look out for these types of players. They even have in-house deciphering teams that continually work to crack the code to lottery games. Using complicated technology, everything is encoded to insanity. The tickets themselves are made of special material. The printers are custom made. The printing machines at retailers are connected to the internet and continually send data back and forth to and from the lottery offices and data centers.

The lottery is so secret that even the drawings are not played live. This brings much skepticism surrounding the nature of the plays. For if the plays are not live, the results could be skewed to always be in favor of the lottery companies.